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What is Ultracurve ?


6.0mil Ultra-Aggressive Print Media w/ FLO Technology

Ultracurve X1 is a revolutionary print-film with FLO Technology, allowing for bubble-free application of graphics to motocross bikes, ATVs, karts, and other extreme applications. Developed alongside Team Kawasaki, Ultracurve X1 dramatically reduces installation times and eliminates bubbles. If you aren't using X1, your competition will be.



6.0mil Max-Aggression Print Media w/ FLO Technology

Ultracurve X2 is our most aggressive print-film with FLO Technology, specifically engineered for bubble-free adhesion to snowmobiles, industrial equipment, and other surfaces including polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO, polyolefins, and metals. Ultracurve X2 creates a  virtually inseparable bond to almost any surface. 



6.0mil Ultra-Aggressive Print Media

Specifically engineered for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side-x-sides, and other extreme applications, requiring exceptional adhesion to low surface energy plastics. Combined with 1500, Ultracurve X1 and 660LSE are the market leaders in motocross technology, trusted by the world's fastest professional and amateur motocross riders.



6.0mil High-Tack Clear Print Media

Ultracurve 550LSE is a clear print film specifically engineered for motocross, ATVs, side-x-sides, helmets, and other extreme applications, requiring clean removability with exceptional adhesion to low surface energy plastics. The market leader in motocross technology for suspension decals, swingawm decals, and fender-arch decals.



10.0mil Premium Clear Ove laminate

Specifically engineered for snowmobiles, karts, motocross bikes, side-x-sides, ATVs, helmets and other extreme applications, requiring exceptional protection and flexibility. Combined with X1, 600LSE, or 770LSE Ultracurve 1000 is the market leader in snowmobile, kart and helmet technology, trusted by the world's premier decal manufacturers.



15.0mil Premium Clear Overlaminate

Specifically engineered for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side-x-sides, helmets, and other extreme applications, requiring exceptional protection, durability, and flexibility. Combined with X1 or 660LSE, Ultracurve 1500 is the market leader in motocross technology, trusted by the world's fastest professional and amateur motocross riders.



20.0mil Textured Clear Overlaminate

Heavily textured 20.0 mil overlaminate is engineered for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side-x-sides, and other extreme applications, requiring additional traction and durability. Ultragrip 2000 provides extra scratch-resistance for printed graphics exposed to harsh environments.

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